Homeschool Record-keeping

Q. What records do I need to keep for my superintendent?

A. If you filed a Notice of Intent, there are two records you need to keep: standardized achievement test records and immunization records. You must send your superintendent a copy of your child’s standardized achievement scores or other evidence of progress as described in §22.1-254.1. Keep the original test result record at home for your records. The statute also requires you to keep immunization records on file at home (or evidence of an immunization exemption) in the event the superintendent requests to see them. The law does not require you to automatically send immunization records to the superintendent with your Notice of Intent.

As for any other record-keeping—a copy of your Notice of Intent, official homeschool correspondence, grades, attendance records, work samples, book lists, field-trip lists, etc.—copies can be kept on file at your home for your reference only. You are not required to submit these to the superintendent.

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