Rainbow Unit Studies for Homeschool

Rainbow Unit Studies for Homeschool

Believe it or not, springtime is around the corner! A rainbow unit study is a great way to take advantage of the coming spring showers and warming weather. Check out this Homeschool Living for creative rainbow unit study ideas and object lessons to color your science, literature, art, math, and music lessons.

Rainbow Reflections

Check out this blog post from Proverbial Homemaker for some great ways to incorporate lessons on science, music, art, literature, and more into your rainbow unit study. There are a ton of ideas to tailor your studies to a range of ages and abilities.

You can use the video and study questions in this post from Look! We’re Learning! as a tool to introduce a science unit on how rainbows are formed. You’ll also find math worksheets, book suggestions, and rainbow crafts and activities.

This experiment is as simple as they come–all you need is a glass of water, a piece of paper, and a pen–but it’s a clear and easy way to demonstrate light refraction and its effect, which is a key concept in understanding the science behind rainbows.

For an easy representation of how light beams refract and create a rainbow, you can check out these four ways to make a rainbow from Rookie Parenting. You’ll also find the answers to questions like “Why are rainbows arched?” and “How do we see the rainbow’s colors?”.

You can use this Bible rainbow object lesson from The Scripture Lady to dig deeper than the rainbow in the story of Noah.

Learning is always exciting with springtime fun. Read more about homeschooling through discovery and learning with fun unit studies. Check out The Virginia Home Educator Magazine, here.

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