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July is a great time to reevaluate and plan for the upcoming homeschool year. We have collected a few resources to get you started.

1.1   Article: “I Don’t Know if I Can Do This”
1.2   Homeschool Planning
1.3   Preschool Planning
1.4   Reading, Writing, and Geography Planning
1.5   Planning for High School and Beyond

1.1 Article: “I Don’t Know if I Can Do This”

As we homeschool and plan for our children’s future, we walk against the culture we live in. It can seem a bit like walking a tightrope. Can we do this? Is this what is best for my child? What curriculum should we use? How will it turn out? Katy McCown at Proverbs 31 shares words of encouragement as we walk through life’s challenges.

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1.2 Homeschool Planning

You might be spending time this summer planning for the next school year. Summer is a great time to plan for the coming year. Tara at Embark on the Journey asks four questions that may help you evaluate and plan.

This resource for homeschoolers at A Guide to…Virginia Field Trips may help you schedule fun hands-on activities that can supplement your curriculum.

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1.3 Preschool Planning

Homeschooling can be difficult to accomplish if you have toddlers and preschoolers demanding constant attention. Tabitha at Meet Penny shares a very long list of ideas to help you manage.

You can use these 15 math activities all year long with your preschooler to develop number sense and math skills. You will find counting, patterns, number recognition, symmetry, and graphing activities among others.

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1.4 Reading, Writing, and Geography Planning

Do you have a reluctant writer? Even if your student is a great writer, you may find the suggestions in this article helpful in planning your school year.

Making lessons relatable is a great way to make the lessons stick. As you plan out geography lessons for your middle schoolers, you might use these suggestions for bringing geography to life.

Reading great books is a necessity for every student. This list of 50 classic books may help you plan a year of reading for your middle grade students.

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1.5 Planning for High School and Beyond

This resource for finding college scholarships may actually help you design an entire four-year high school plan as you consider post high school education.

You might find the free STEM websites listed on this website handy as you plan for high school science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Note: Biological evolution and a non-biblical view of the creation of the universe will likely be encountered at many of these websites.

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