by Megan Mora Fuentes

Sometimes you can teach a lesson with some silly fun even better than with a serious study session. January 25 is commonly celebrated as “Opposite Day,” which creates a fun opportunity to incorporate some silliness and whimsy into your homeschool. Learning about opposites is a fun way to increase vocabulary, comparison skills, and more. 

What’s the point of Opposite Day?

What’s the point of teaching opposites? This article from Montessori Plus shares some ways in which learning opposites can help build vocabulary, strengthen comprehension skills, and introduce elements of grammar like adjectives and comparisons. You’ll also find some resources like an easy opposites song to sing and kid-friendly books about opposites to look for in your local library.

Check out these kindergarten opposite activities for some creative ways to incorporate a lesson on opposites into art, language, physical education, and more.

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