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Homeschool Geology: Rock Collecting

Today is National Collect Rocks Day–a great low-key way to bring some spontaneity and celebration to your homeschool geology lessons! Take the opportunity to go for a nature walk along a beach or stream, in the woods, or through your neighborhood and keep an eye out for interesting rocks to use in these fun geology-inspired activities!

In this blog post, a homeschool mom describes how she shares her rock collecting hobby with her family.

Rock Collecting Rocks! offers an exhaustive list of different types of rocks, how they are formed, and their common uses. It’s a great resource to use in identifying interesting specimens you may have come across, or just for browsing through and picking out a few types of rocks to study.

Children are natural nature collectors–collecting rocks, leaves, flowers, sticks, bugs, and more, without being prompted. If you want to focus some of that energy a little more, here are ten easy ways to start a rock collection.

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Try this fun, easy recipe to demonstrate the difference between sedimentary and metamorphic rocks–you probably already have these ingredients in your cupboards. Your kids will never forget after they snack on the edible results!

Check out this inspiring use for some of those rocks! Painted Rock Treasure Hunts are a low-key, low-tech alternative to geocaching and the like. This article explains the concept and how to find a group near you, and also offers tips on how to create your own group if you can’t find a local one. Your homeschool co-op, neighborhood or church group are excellent sources for participants!

Once you’ve got your group pumped up for finding hidden rocks, check out this video for five creative, yet simple, ways to paint them.

Interested in taking your homeschool geology lessons further? Check out this Homeschool Living for a fascinating field trip idea and a great opportunity to inspire some interest in geology.

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