Homeschool Diplomas

Q. How do I get a diploma when my teen is ready to graduate? We use a correspondence school, but I prefer a Virginia diploma.

A. A homeschool student will not receive a diploma from the Commonwealth of Virginia since he is not graduating from a government school program. The state does not offer a diploma to homeschool graduates. If your correspondence school provides a diploma, you can use that, or you can provide your own diploma. Most parents provide their own diploma and include the name of their homeschool along with their signature indicating their student has completed the prescribed course of study.

HEAV offers diplomas for homeschooling parents. You can find more information on the website. HEAV also has diplomas available for graduates who participate in the commencement ceremony at our annual state convention in Richmond each year. It is signed by the parent and by HEAV’s president and the commencement speaker. It includes the Home Educators Association of Virginia raised seal. Colleges, the military, and potential employers are familiar with homeschool diplomas signed by parents. You should have no difficulty even if it does not include the state name.

With regards, Yvonne

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