Homeschool Codes for the SAT, ACT, and PSAT

Q. What are the homeschool codes that high school homeschoolers should use for the SAT, ACT, and PSAT? Why do homeschoolers have an identifying code?

A. Because of the increased number of homeschooled students applying to colleges and universities, the College Board developed universal codes for homeschoolers who take college admissions exams.

Using the specific homeschool code provides two advantages:

  1. The scores of the homeschooled student are sent directly to the student’s home address rather than to the public school, resulting in more privacy.
  2. By using the homeschool code, the test results will NOT be calculated with the average scores of the local high school.

The following codes are the same for homeschoolers in all states:

SAT Homeschool Code: 970000
ACT Homeschool Code: 969-999

The PSAT code varies by state. See all state codes here.

Virginia PSAT Homeschool Code: 994799

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