Homeschool Again

Q. If my child goes back to public school, can I take her out and homeschool her again if it doesn’t work out? What should I expect?

A. Yes, you can homeschool again as long as you comply with the homeschool law by filing a Notice of Intent to Provide Home Instruction. There is nothing in the homeschool statute that prevents you from withdrawing your child and homeschooling a second time.

When you enroll your child in public school, you can expect her to be required to take a placement test or pass SOL tests for grade placement. Schools differ in their requirements.

Enrolling at the high school level (grades 9-12) presents a greater challenge because of the transfer of homeschool credits toward a public school diploma. Although a public school CAN accept homeschool transfer credits, they are not required to do so. For a student transferring into high school, it may be helpful to have a homeschool transcript that shows a clear record of the courses that have been completed.

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