Holiday Homeschool: Baking With Kids

The festive season is a perfect time to incorporate some baking lessons into your holiday homeschool. There are often extra holiday guests to bake for, and homemade treats make great gifts for friends and neighbors. Whether you fill a plate with traditional favorites or try your hand at unique recipes from around the world, baking with kids is a fun, festive way to celebrate the holidays and learn at the same time!

Baking Tricks and Safety Tips

This article from Simple Homeschool offers several compelling reasons to incorporate baking into your curriculum, and outlines the way homeschool mom, Jamie, organizes her homeschool cooking course. Holiday homeschool baking could be a great way to jumpstart a child’s interest in a more disciplined course through the rest of the winter or in the spring.

There are some far-reaching benefits to incorporating baking into your holiday homeschool, including building math and reading skills, teaching scientific concepts, enriching vocabulary, and developing fine motor skills. One Time Through describes helpful tips for baking with small or multiple children.

KidsHealth addresses children themselves with some great ways to be safe while cooking, baking, and even storing the items they’ve prepared.

Try a new recipe–or two, or three!–to make the most of your holiday homeschool baking. Check out “Around the World on a Cookie Tray” for a fun twist on a geography lesson.

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