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Let Alexa or Google read HEAV’s posts to you.

Do you have Alexa or Google Assistant? Are you busy?

If so, Alexa is ready to read your HEAV.org posts to you! You can listen to our posts while you attend to daily chores like folding laundry, washing dishes, or even working out!

Alexa can be used with any Ios device, and Google assis

We’re so glad we can connect with you through our virtual buddies, Alexa and Google Assistant!


Yes–The HEAV Blog Amazon Alexa Skill is now LIVE!

Here’s how it works:

  1. Go to the Alexa skill library and get H-E-A-V or the HEAV blog
  2. Enable your Alexa’s skill using the Amazon.com link above or simply by saying:

“Alexa, enable H-E-A-V.”


“Alexa, enable the HEAV Blog.” (Yes, she’ll respond if you call us “heave”–but you’ve got say “blog,” too!)

  1. Once Alexa’s skill has been enabled (you only need to do that once!), you can say any of the following catchy phrases to listen to the blog posts published through your RSS feed:

“Alexa, ask HEAV Blog to play the latest episode.”

“Alexa, begin H-E-A-V” or “Alexa, begin HEAV blog.”

“Alexa, ask HEAV blog to play the latest blog post.”

  1. Let Alexa read HEAV posts to you! It’s THAT easy!

Google Assistant

Here’s how this one works:
  1. HEAV is listed in the Google Library as “H-E-A-V” or “HEAV Blog.
  2. You can engage our posts by saying things like

“Hey Google, Talk to H-E-A-V” “Hey Google, ask H-E-A-V to play the latest blog post” OR “Hey Google, Talk to the HEAV BLOG.” “Hey Google, ask the HEAV BLOG to play the latest blog post.”

Can You Help?

Would you go to our page on Alexa for Amazon.com and give us a rating and review? Amazon uses these ratings to determine which skills (as in the HEAV.org skill) to promote.  We’ve heard that it takes as few as 50 ratings to make a difference! You can find additional information about Alexa reading posts at Create My Voice, the amazing tech company that set this up for us. Be sure to visit their website, AND visit them in Booth #1114 at the convention in June! They have added a link to 7Sisters and to the Alexa skill on their clients page at Create My Voice.
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