Goochland County Concerns

Q. I’m very concerned about religious exemption in Goochland County. Do their school board policies affect me in my county?

A. If you live in another county, they do not affect you. However, other school boards may also establish similar bad policies if parents fail to oppose policy decisions that go beyond the law.

Each county or city has its own elected school board whose responsibility it is to develop policies for their own school district. Your county may or may not have adopted a religious exemption (RE) policy. You can find out by doing a search on your school board’s website.

As evidenced by the situation in Goochland, it is extremely important for homeschoolers to be aware of school board decisions. School board members are elected officials and all meetings are open to the public. Their meeting agenda is published on their website along with minutes from past meetings. It’s important to attend all public meetings that include any discussion of homeschool issues or religious exemption.

Don’t leave it to someone else to question a decision or to stand up for your rights. Homeschooling parents must know the law and be willing to take a stand against policies that go beyond what the law requires. This is the only way we will keep our homeschool freedoms.

If you are concerned about a school board’s decision, please contact HEAV at 804-278-9200 or contact HSLDA.

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