Jokes & Pranks in Your Homeschool

Are you and the kids going a bit stir-crazy stuck at home? How about celebrating a fun simple holiday with fun at-home activities that don’t require any gift wrapping or fancy cakes? In this Homeschool Living, check out some theories on the history of April Fools’ Day, and plan some easy, fun, at-home activities to bring some levity into your homeschool this week!

Where did April Fools’ Day come from? This lighthearted holiday may have roots in the 16th century. Explore some of the theories of the history of April Fools’ Day with It might even spark an interest in some other research projects!

There’s a great scientific reason for incorporating humor into your homeschool! Check out this article from the Association for Psychological Science about the science behind humor and its effect on our behavior.

Fun at-home Activities

This chatterbox joke teller is a fun twist on the chatterbox fortune tellers you may have made as a kid. It’s easy to make, and will inspire a lot of laughter throughout the day. If you have multiple kids at home, let them each make their own with different jokes, and turn the game into a competition of sorts. There are plenty of prizes you can offer that don’t require buying a new toy or game! You might let the winner pick the family night movie, choose what to make or order for dinner, or skip chores for a day. Check out these 29 kid-friendly jokes for some material and inspiration to fill your joke tellers.

This April Fools’ Day breakfast and lunch prank is easy, sweet, and light-hearted–no need for over-the-top pranks or hurt feelings, especially with everyone home together! (And of course, almost any breakfast cereal works for this prank, so no need to go out looking for a particular ingredient.

Looking for more? These 11 age-appropriate pranks for kids can give you some great ideas for some fun at-home pranks you can play on your kids, or help them to play on each other.

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