Fall unit study Learning for all seasons

Learning For All Seasons: Fall Unit Study

Unit studies are a great way to engage students in a variety of subjects–even ones that may not be their favorites. Tying subjects together with a common theme also helps with memory retention, opens up new and creative approaches to different topics, and helps learners–and educators!–learn how to organize information. Check out this Homeschool Living for some great fall unit study ideas for exploring math, science, geography, and more!

Fall Unit Study Fun

Use this hands-on pumpkin-weighing activity to introduce and reinforce math concepts like addition and subtraction, fractions, percentages, and more. This is a great activity for your fall unit study if you have a range of student ages, as the littlest ones will just have fun playing with the DIY scales, preschoolers can practice counting and hand-eye coordination, and older students can explore a variety of mathematical functions.

These fall science experiments include such classics as the baking soda and vinegar volcano (with a fall twist) and sink or float experiments as well as some creative STEM activities like apple racing, acorn dissections, and more.

Use these fall art projects to introduce a variety of painting and drawing techniques, play with decoupage and watercolors, and experiment with mixed media art.

Pumpkin globes are a great way to incorporate geography into your fall unit study. This is another versatile activity that can easily be tailored to fit your students’ ages and abilities. Students can paint directly onto their pumpkins or draw, cut out, and glue features on. Younger students may finish with placing continents and oceans on their globes while older students might include such things as countries, landmarks, and topographical details.

Check out these seven fall-themed reading activities for some great ways to turn phonics and language skills lessons into games.

Check out these fall pumpkin activities!

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