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A parent correctly submitted documentation to be recognized as a Virginia Certified Tutor under compulsory attendance law, §22.1-254(A); however, Fairfax incorrectly processed the parent’s submission as a notice of intent to homeschool.

HEAV worked diligently with two superintendent liaisons, providing thorough and detailed information and resources on the law and its implementation. Following these efforts, the parent was sent a letter acknowledging her Virginia Certified Tutor status.

While working with one of the liaisons, HEAV was advised that this was a “new process” for Fairfax, indicating that other certified teachers may also be affected by this error.

What You Should Know:

  • The Virginia Certified Tutor statute is a filing option in the compulsory attendance law available to Virginia-certified teachers. (Reference: §22.1-254(A))
  • The individual may be a parent or non-parent who holds a current Virginia teaching license.
  • The individual submits a copy of their teaching credential to the district superintendent with a cover letter stating they are complying with the Virginia Certified Tutor statute as referenced in §22.1-254(A).
  • Acknowledgement of the teaching certificate or license is required by the superintendent.
  • Once acknowledged, the individual may teach their own children or can be hired to teach other children.
  • When the tutor or teacher’s certification is renewed, it must again be submitted to the superintendent to continue operating as a Virginia Certified Tutor under §22.1-254(A)
  • Virginia certified tutors are not under the homeschool statute and are not required to comply with the homeschool statute by sending yearly notifications and evidence of progress.

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