Evaluation Letter Contents

Q.What should be included in an evaluation letter?

A. An evaluation letter should be written on letterhead with contact information and signed with the evaluator’s title and credentials. It would be appropriate to include documents that substantiate the evaluator’s educational background or training such as a copy of his or her current teaching license from any state or master’s degree or higher.

There are many ways to write a letter of evaluation, but basically it should include the date of the evaluation; the name of the student who was evaluated; how the student’s progress was evaluated; and a brief description of the child’s educational progress. Summary statements are satisfactory; details, such as exact scores if tests are used, are not required. Focus on accomplishments and areas of achievement, but also mention areas that may need additional improvement.

The evaluator should state that it is his professional determination, not his opinion, that the child is achieving an adequate educational growth and progress. Each letter should be individualized. That’s the reason there is no form letter.

The evaluator then gives the evaluation letter to the parent who should keep a copy with other homeschool records. It is the parent’s responsibility to send the letter to the superintendent’s office or to his designee before the August 1 deadline. Mailing it return-receipt will provide evidence of the date and person who received the evaluation. File the return postcard with your homeschool records.

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