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The Family Business: Entrepreneurship for Kids

Homeschoolers are in a unique position to incorporate an entrepreneurial spirit into their homeschool and lifestyle. Whether you run a full-fledged business or experiment with entrepreneurship on a smaller scale, family entrepreneurship practices problem-solving, encourages ingenuity, fosters teamwork, and is a great way to learn and hone unique skills. Check out this Homeschool Living for some excellent resources on adding entrepreneurship to your family’s life and homeschool.

If you feel inexperienced or inadequate for teaching entrepreneurship, be encouraged by these five ways homeschooling is like entrepreneurship. You are already in a strong and unique position to model this innovative spirit to your children, and you may be surprised how many of these principles you’re already living out!

HomeschoolEntrepreneur.com is an excellent resource to begin with. Whether you’re exploring ways to teach and demonstrate an entrepreneurial mindset, searching for information on starting your own business, or looking for ways to enhance a business you already have, this resource has something for you. Learn what it means to run your business as a ministry, find resources for teaching entrepreneurs, and much more. 

These nine ways to teach your kids entrepreneurship early in life are great inspiration for modeling a creative and innovative lifestyle to your homeschool entrepreneur.

Check out the stories of these three homeschool mom entrepreneurs as they share how they homeschool and run–and grow–their businesses. You’re probably familiar with at least one of these companies and may not have known the inspiring backstory.

If your–or your kid’s–business idea involves a unique product or process, you’ll need to know how to document your invention and development process and apply for a patent. Be prepared by planning the process from the beginning. Learn about the steps involved in applying for a patent, required documentation, and more. 

For more ideas on cultivating creativity and inventiveness in your homeschool, check out this Homeschool Living post.

Christian Homeschool Entrepreneurship is a resource dedicated to “helping homeschoolers cultivate a strong work ethic and grow a Biblical worldview of work.” They offer online courses which include video lessons, weekly homework assignments, a 24/7 entrepreneur forum, 40+ business ideas, and more. There are individual and family plans available, and even scholarships available to ensure that students are not excluded from the course for financial reasons.  

Check out VentureLab’s youth entrepreneurship curriculum–free to use for non-commercial purposes.

Start conversations about innovation, determination, and creativity with these storybooks geared toward young learners:

The Girl Who Never Made Mistakes by Mark Pett

Beautiful Oops! by Barney Saltzberg

What Do You Do with an Idea? by Kobi Yamada

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