Educator Discount Cards

Q. Where can I get a homeschool ID card to use for educator discounts at stores?

A. Your HEAV membership card can be used at many museums and retail stores—office supply stores, book stores, craft stores, warehouse stores, etc.—that offer educator discounts.

Your $45 HEAV yearly membership* supports the work of HEAV throughout the year and helps us promote, protect, and support homeschooling by providing such things as magazines and newsletters, a website, and year-round counseling services.

You receive many other benefits such as discounts on HEAV events, such as Day at the Capitol and the annual convention, online classes, and other benefits all year long.

Some support groups offer ID cards for their members, so check with your local group. There are also templates on the internet to make your own ID cards. Some retailers require you to apply for their company’s educator discount card. At other stores, you may want to simply ask if they have an educator’s discount, and if so, what do they require. Sometimes they may request a copy of your Notice of Intent.

*Get more information about the benefits of HEAV membership.

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