“Approved” Behind-the-Wheel Driver Education Courses

Q. In order to teach the behind-the-wheel portion of driver education, I must show completion of an “approved correspondence course.” Which courses are “approved,” and where can I find them?

A. Getting a driver’s license for a teen can seem daunting, especially when looking at the forms, finding an approved course, and trying to follow the proper steps.

There are three basic steps for a teen to obtain a driver’s license:

1) Obtain a learner’s permit by passing a DMV vision-screening test and a two-part knowledge test,

2) Complete an approved classroom course and a behind-the-wheel driving course, and

3) Obtain a permanent driver’s license.

In order for a parent to teach their homeschooled teen the classroom and behind-the-wheel portions, the homeschooled student must currently be enrolled in a homeschool program acknowledged by the division superintendent.

All teens may take the classroom and behind-the-wheel portions of driver education at a public school, a private school, or a commercial driver-training school on a space-available basis. However, if a student is homeschooled, the homeschool parent may teach the classroom and behind-the wheel portions. In this situation, the parent may choose one of four approved classroom courses. There is only one approved parent-taught behind-the-wheel course.

Click here for DOE-approved classroom driver-education courses for homeschooled students

After completion of the classroom portion, homeschool parents who want to teach behind-the-wheel must use the only approved course: Module 11 – Behind-the-Wheel and In-Car Observation.

Additional information, including links to the appropriate DMV forms, cost, and other details can be found here.

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