Diploma Lost

Q. I’m about to send in my Notice of Intent, but my diploma is lost. I can’t find it anywhere. Should I use option 4 (iv) on the NOI?

A. You can, but you have another option. You should contact your high school or college and ask for a copy of your transcript. This document will have a graduation date which is proof of completion. Be sure to send your Notice of Intent by August 15. Add a note that you have requested your transcript, and will send it as soon as you receive it.

Option 4 is primarily for parents who do not have a high school diploma or who may have a GED, which is not accepted as a diploma for home instruction.

Although option 4 does not require a diploma of any kind, you must submit a letter explaining why you are able to provide an adequate education for your child. The superintendent will make a subjective decision on your ability to homeschool based on your letter. You must send in a carefully written, well-constructed letter; that is very important.

In contrast, when you show evidence of compliance with one of the other options—a high school diploma or transcript for option 1; a teaching license for option 2; or evidence of enrollment in a correspondence course or distance learning program for option 3—no questions are asked. The process is automatic.

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