Diploma Each Year With NOI

Q. Do I have to send my diploma each year with my Notice of Intent since the superintendent should have it on file from previous years?

A. Including a diploma or higher credential with your Notice of Intent verifies how you have complied with option (i) of the homeschool statute. If you have provided this information with a previous Notice of Intent, you can include a note with your NOI, and respectfully ask the superintendent to refer to the option (i) verification you supplied last year. He may refer to the copy he has on file; however, if he chooses not to do so and requests proof of compliance with each new Notice of Intent, you should send a copy of your diploma or transcript each year with a new Notice of Intent.

If you cannot find your diploma, you can request a copy of your high school or college transcript from your school. Include a copy of your transcript with the Notice of Intent and keep the original in a safe place for the future.

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