Deciding If a Foreign Language Is Required

Q. Can a student graduate from homeschool high school without a foreign language?

A. Yes, a homeschool high school student can graduate from high school with or without a foreign language. The reason some lists include a foreign language and others do not is because a diploma is based on the individual academic plan you create for your student.

The high school courses listed for public schools lead to one of two types of diplomas: a standard diploma or an advanced diploma. A standard diploma will not include a foreign language. An advanced diploma is one that will prepare your teen for college and usually includes two years of a foreign language. While homeschoolers are not required to include the same subjects listed for public schools, they are the standard courses college admissions officers look for when evaluating entrance applications. This is a good reason to consider teaching these or similar core courses.

There are several factors to consider when thinking about including a foreign language in a high school curriculum:
1) Will a foreign language benefit the student’s career choice?
2) Is a foreign language a requirement for college admissions at the college your student plans to attend?
3) Does the degree program your student plans to pursue (a bachelor of arts or a bachelor of science) require a foreign language?

Once you’ve determined the answers to these questions, you can decide whether or not to include a foreign language in your high school plan.

You can find lots more information about planning a high school course of study by attending one of HEAV’s Homeschool Success Seminars or watching a high school webinar at your convenience. HEAV also provides an online transcript service!

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