Q. Should I keep a record of the days and hours of instruction of homeschool, and if so, to whom do I submit it?

A. The compulsory attendance law in §22.1-254(A) states that a parent or guardian must send a child to school (public, private, denominational, parochial; or have a child tutored; or provide home instruction) during the same days and hours that public schools are in session.

However, under the homeschool law in §22.1-254.1–where we find the detailed requirements with which homeschool parents must comply–providing a record of days and hours of instruction is not required. The homeschool law does not require verification of days and hours. Neither does it include a way for homeschoolers to submit this information, a date when they are to submit it, or a person to whom they are to submit it.

Any attendance records you would like to keep would be for your own personal reference. You are not required to send them to anyone.

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