Danville: Driver Education Problem Solved

Homeschoolers have several options for fulfilling the required training to obtain a driver license, but questions–and confusion—still arise. If you have questions or concerns as you navigate the system, don’t hesitate to ask questions!

Private driver education schools are licensed to provide classroom and behind-the-wheel driver’s training for public, private, and homeschooled students. Upon completion of the classroom and driving portion, a driving school can provide the driving test and give a provisional license to a student who is 16 and three months old. When a homeschool student was denied the opportunity to take the test through the driving school, the parents called HEAV. After reviewing the DMV regulations, it is determined that a student must take both the behind the wheel & classroom portion from the driving school in order to take the test and receive a provisional license.

Homeschool parents who teach the online classroom course must go to the DMV to take the driving test and receive a provisional license. A driving school can only offer the test and provisional license to those who complete the entire classroom and driver training course from their company. The final step in both situations requires students to go before a judge with a parent to receive their permanent license.

More Driver Education Information

Visit HEAV’s driver education section to learn more about the options available for homeschoolers.
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