Common Core Curriculum Alignment

Q. How can I find out if my homeschool curriculum is aligned with the Common Core? Is there a list to which I can refer? A. The Educational Freedom Coalition has attempted to contact every homeschool curriculum and resource provider to determine their alignment with the Common Core (CC). They have had an 88% response rate from the 1,300+ curriculum providers contacted. TEFC states that they have made no value judgments about the companies on the master list. They have attempted to gather factual information so parents can make educational decisions for their children. Their master list identifies curricula that has been “explicitly aligned” with the Common Core (CC), “incidentally aligned,” or only “coincidentally connected.” It also identifies curricula that are completely “independent” of the Common Core. TEFC explains that a few companies have both a Common Core aligned version and a non-aligned version. They identify what they actually changed to align with the CC, such as adding optional pages to the original text. Since some curricula are partially aligned, parents have the opportunity to ignore specific pages if they choose. The site also indicates whether or not alignment was deliberate or coincidental. You can find the master list here: 
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