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A Virginia Certified Tutor received a letter from the office manager indicating a deadline to comply with the home instruction law. Upon further review, HEAV found the tutor’s acknowledgment letter included language and statutory requirements found only in the home instruction law, although it cited the correct Virginia Certified Tutor statute. Additionally, the acknowledgment letter did not include a reference to the superintendent’s approval – a requirement for Virginia Certified Tutors.

HEAV contacted the district to provide detailed information about the differences between the Virginia Certified Tutor and home instruction laws.  The district advised they would make revisions, they would contact the representative at the VDOE, who had misinformed them regarding the law.

HEAV appreciates Clarke County’s commitment to the Virginia Code as well as the example they are to Virginia districts in providing such a positive, prompt, and effective response.

What You Should Know:

  • The Virginia Certified Tutor and Home Instruction statutes are two different laws with different legal requirements. It is helpful to clearly reference the proper statute.
  • The law requires approval by the superintendent to operate as a Virginia Certified Tutor.
  • To become a Virginia Certified Tutor, the individual submits their teaching credentials to the superintendent. Once the superintendent verifies the credentials, they send a letter to the tutor which may be presented to parents who wish to hire them in accordance with §22.1-254(A). It is common practice for a tutor to teach their own children or other parent’s children under this law. When a tutor is recertified, they may resubmit their credentials to maintain their tutor status.
  • The Virginia Certified Tutor statute does not require annual notifications, assessments, or the personal data of the children they are teaching. 
  • Reference: Tutor statute – §22.1-254(A), HEAV article – Certified Tutor Option, 2023 Letter to Superintendents

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Patricia Beahr
HEAV Assistant Director of Government Affairs

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