Child Doesn’t Want to Homeschool

Q. My nine-year-old daughter has decided she doesn’t want to be homeschooled because she will miss out on school activities. There is constant conflict. I’m ready to give up! Help!

A. You’re not alone. Other parents who want to homeschool face this same situation. Although this may be a difficult time of transition for both of you, I encourage you to remember the reasons you wanted to homeschool. Think about the vision you had and the goals that would benefit your child. God gives the oversight and training of children to parents; therefore He gives His direction to parents, not children. Once we begin, we ALL face challenges—academic, behavioral, or relationship challenges!

Children are not mature enough to make important decision for themselves. Because of their youthfulness and inexperience, they have limited understanding of the consequences of their attitudes and actions.  Whether or not to be homeschooled is not one of the decisions children have the maturity to make. They have little understanding of the importance of education or of the character training they need for a successful and happy life.

Because a change in authority structure and routine can be  difficult, try to be patient during this time of adjustment. Listen to what she is saying and find a way to meet her needs in a different way.

You may want to begin academics slowly with only two to three subjects, maybe language arts and mathematics, and then add additional subjects in a few weeks.  Make learning fun with games or special challenges. During this time, focus on building a positive relationship with your daughter. Go on field trips, visit museums, and meet friends for an afternoon at the park. Consider participating in a support group or co-op in your area. This will give her the opportunity to make new friends and join in group activities.

Stand firm in your convictions, but bring your child along in a loving way.


Yvonne Bunn
HEAV Director of Homeschool Support and Government Affairs

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