Q. After acknowledging receipt of my certified tutor letter, the superintendent asked for my children’s birth dates and said he expected yearly notification. Is this correct?

A. If you complied with §22.1-254(A) by writing a letter and including a copy of your teaching license, the birth date or age of your child is not required. When a parent files under the certified tutor option, he is not under the homeschool statute and its regulations.

The certified tutor option does NOT require the tutor to provide annual notification or any other information such as birth dates, descriptions of curriculum, or end-of-year evaluations—these are all requirements of the homeschool statute, not the certified tutor option.

A teaching license is valid for up to five years. Only when your certification expires will you send another letter and your renewed certification for the superintendent’s review.

Some superintendents and staff members confuse the two separate and distinct sections of the Virginia Code—the certified tutor statute §22.1-254(A) and the homeschool statute §22.1-254.1. We will be glad to help you resolve this situation.




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