Celebrate Family In Your Homeschool

Homeschooling multiple kids together comes with its own unique set of benefits and challenges for the entire family–not the least of which is fostering the relationships your children have and build with their siblings. Homeschooling, by nature, will result in your children spending more time together than they likely would if they attended separate schools or classes. While time and shared learning brings with it the opportunity for deep bonds, it can also result in frustration and conflict. May 2 is National Brothers and Sisters Day. Take the opportunity for a special family day focusing on siblings and their relationships. This Homeschool Living features fun ways to celebrate siblings, ideas for helping siblings appreciate each other, and advice on teaching siblings how to resolve conflict.

Family Bonds

Incorporate one of these fun but simple activities to celebrate siblings day. Bonus: you can participate along with your kids in celebrating your own siblings!

If May 2 doesn’t work for you, don’t let that dissuade you from creating a special event for your kids to celebrate their siblings. This mother blogs about starting a tradition of “Brother’s Day” to allow her sons time and opportunity to strengthen their bond. One of the best parts of their celebration is that they already talk about how they will carry the tradition into adulthood. If you have young children, how beautiful would it be to start a tradition that they will carry throughout their life?

Siblings–especially ones who spend a lot of time together–will inevitably learn how to push each other’s buttons and struggle with jealousy and competition. Learning to cooperate and get along with each other in the heat of an argument is an invaluable skill. Calm The Chaos shares free downloadable posters that can be used as key reminders of how to handle tense situations–before, during, and after.

Teaching kids to be kind to their siblings is not a short endeavor. Leading by example and reinforcing positive, kind behavior are two of the greatest tools you have at your disposal. Check out this tool as well: 15 surprising things to ban to raise kind kids. Every home finds its own rhythm and family creates its own unique bond, but some of these things are excellent blanket rules to incorporate into your household to encourage respect and appreciation for each other and prevent hurt feelings and damaged relationships.

These simple activities for sibling bonding require few supplies (and likely ones you have in home already). You’ll find a variety of games and activities appropriate for all ages.

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