CAT-5 Test Change

Q. I understand the CAT-5 survey test is being phased out. Is there another test that covers only what the law requires?

A. The TerraNova test has replaced this version of the California Achievement test (CAT/5). The TerraNova is published by the same company and is comparable in many ways.

Standardized achievement tests basically include the same level content. You can choose any standardized achievement test. Regardless of the test you choose, your child may complete only the language arts and mathematics portions of the test. Even though history and science are included in a test booklet, your child is not required to complete these sections. The testing company uses language arts and mathematics for the composite score. The composite score will not be lowered because these sections are not done.

The law requires a composite score in or above the 4th stanine (23 percentile or higher). The composite score is made up of language arts and mathematics which includes the related subtests such as reading comprehension, vocabulary, grammar, punctuation, and math computation and reasoning. The names of the subtests will vary with different publishers, but they generally measure the same grade level content.



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