special needs

Special Needs at the Convention

There’s something for everyone at the HEAV 34th Annual Virginia Homeschool Convention (June 8-10)–and at this month’s Facebook party, we’re focusing on parents of children

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Testing Accommodations

Q. Can I use testing accommodations for my child who is a struggling reader? A. Unless your child has a documented learning disability, you should

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Special-Needs Services

Q. Can my homeschooled child who has an IEP still be involved in special classes at his former school? A. Public schools provide special needs

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Religious Exemption and Services

Q. Is speech therapy available for religiously exempt homeschoolers? A. A limited number of special-need services—usually speech and occupational (OT) therapy–should be available as an

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Special-Needs Requirements

Q. Are there extra requirements to homeschool a child with special needs? Are they still eligible for services like speech and occupational therapy (OT)? A.

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