special needs

Helping the Child with Asperger Syndrome

by Cathi Cohens Being a parent is an enormous responsibility. Being the parent of a child with Asperger’s Syndrome requires

Homeschooling with a Chronically Ill Child

by Nancy Coleman Most people don’t realize that when a child is diagnosed with a chronic illness, the family is

Do You Have a Distracted Child?

by Laurie Detweiler Many parents have experienced the same of a distracted child. Jenny was sitting in church desperately trying

Homeschooling Children with Learning Disabilities

by Kathy Kuhl “I didn’t really teach my older two; I just threw piles of books at them,” Margaret joked.

Nurturing All the Special Needs in Your Family

by Melissa Dean
 As mom to four children with special needs, I have made a lot of mistakes juggling family

Finding Support When You Homeschool a Child with Special Needs

“Every person is made in the image of God, so each one is valuable.” by Kathy Kuhl Homeschoolers who have

Homeschooling a Child Who Learns Differently

Kathy Kuhl Often parents ask me about starting to homeschool. Here’s what I’d say to anyone starting out: Don’t Panic

Adapting Curriculum for Your Child with Special Needs

by Judi Munday, M.A.; M. Ed. Parents who teach more than one child find it challenging to individualize their teaching

The Effects of Omega-3 on Health, Behavior, and School

The Effects of Omega-3 on Health, Behavior, and School by Dianne Craft, MA, CNHP Sometimes a subject comes up that

Six Tips for Homeschooling Your Child with Special Needs

By Jackie N. As parents of kids with special needs, we know how amazing they are. With the right encouragement

The Benefits of Singing Hymns in Your Homeschool

There are many lovely ways to begin your homeschool day. We usually start with Bible time, a very simple routine

Is It Dysgraphia?

By: Dianne Craft, MA, CNHP One of the most common and most misdiagnosed processing problems in children is a blocked

Testing Accommodations

Q. Can I use testing accommodations for my child who is a struggling reader? A. Unless your child has a

Testing Special Needs

Q. I have a child who is struggling to learn. I may need to have him tested, but I don’t

Special Needs Services

Q. Can my homeschooled child who has an IEP still be involved in special classes at his former school? A.

Religious Exemption and Services

Q. Is speech therapy available for religiously exempt homeschoolers? A. A limited number of special-need services—usually speech and occupational (OT)

Special Needs and Parents’ Rights

Q. May I remove my preschooler with special needs from school and educate him at home? Are there additional requirements?

IEP and Notice of Intent

Q. Since my child had an IEP, is there anything extra I need to do when I file my Notice

Special-Needs Requirements

Q. Are there extra requirements to homeschool a child with special needs? Are they still eligible for services like speech

Special-Needs Resources

Q. I have a child who is struggling to learn. I may need to have him tested, but I don’t

Special-Needs Services and Homeschoolers

Q. Is my homeschooler eligible for speech therapy through a public school? A. Although school districts are not obligated to