Beginning with a Preschooler

Q. I am thinking about homeschooling my preschooler. Can you recommend any resources?

A. The preschool years are a wonderful time to teach because young children are so eager to learn. We have lots of information and numerous resources that will give you many ideas about what to cover and how to work with your child. HEAV’s website has some great preschool information, including a special FREE preschool edition of our magazine that has lots of great tips, articles, places to visit, and resource suggestions.

When you begin working with your preschooler, one of the secrets to success is to keep learning simple and brief. A preschooler’s attention span is usually short, so, to keep him engaged, make learning fun–play educational games; introduce counting with hands-on manipulatives; take nature walks; cut and paste shapes; trace letters; follow mazes; and read, read, read to your child. What your child will be able to accomplish will be based on his maturity and readiness.

It’s important not to push your preschooler. Give him or her unstructured time to play—after all, play is a child’s work. This is the time to deal with issues of the heart. Lovingly teach obedience to your instructions and help him develop self-control. Remember, preschool is “preparation” for academics.

NOTE: For details about when you need to file a Notice of Intent for kindergarten, see this Homeschool Q&A.

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