instilling good habits
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Week 1 - Rebuilding Your Routine

This week, let’s look at the big-picture goals and explore ways to create good habits and routines for the school year…and for life.

Helping Kids Break Bad Habits ~ Dr. Kathy Koch

Resiliency Rescues: Help children make choices and develop habits that allow them to bounce back from trauma, disappointment, and discouragement.

Building a Heart of Obedience ~ Marilyn Boyer

Back to basics! Though often overlooked, obedience IS a virtue, and accepting the word “no” gracefully is an important life lesson. Learn how to build a heart of willing obedience.

Laying Down the Rails ~ Sonya Shafer

Charlotte Mason says it takes 28 days to make an action a habit. Give yourself and your child grace as you adjust to new routines. Once established, though, well-developed habits can keep decision-making to a minimum when self-discipline is low.

Working Out the Flow ~ Kyndra Steinmann

Sometimes, schedules and lessons need to pivot to what your child needs—or you need. Even well-established routines meet hiccups, and we need to adjust to a new rhythm. Here is what that can look like in real life.

5 Ways to Jumpstart Your Year ~ Megan Mora Fuentes

Whether you like to focus on a few core components, try one new experience, or jump into the year at full speed, implementing these five concepts is a great way to jumpstart your homeschool.

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