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Are You Doing Enough?

Homeschool parent, put your fears at rest.
As a family, we are going into our sixth year of homeschooling! Many emotions have surfaced throughout this time–some of great excitement, and others reminiscent of fear.

Here is one question I think we all ask: “Am I doing enough?”

Imagine the relief of having your homeschooling questions answered and your doubts dispelled! That’s the confidence you’ll gain by attending the annual HEAV Convention.

I remember my first year, attending alone. During the very first session, I was so inspired by Yvonne Bunn’s “ Introduction to Homeschool” session that I texted my husband, suggesting we ALL attend the following year. And we did!

Connections, Friends, and Encouragement

The connections you make just can’t be duplicated anywhere else. Getting to talk with families from many different places, and educating their children in so many unique ways–but all having a similar mission–was phenomenal. Some of the best times for my boys were playing with new friends between conference sessions!

I have made lasting friends at the convention, too. Later in the year, I could reach out on the toughest of days, and they offered an encouraging word and a prayer to hang in there. To me, this alone is invaluable.

As a former elementary-level public school teacher, I thought I knew most of what I needed to do to educate my boys at home. Boy, was I wrong! Honestly, my years of public school teaching did not translate to teaching at home.

A friend once asked, “Why do you need to attend a homeschool conference?” The answer: “Because you don’t know what you don’t know!”

Getting complete, accurate information on your rights as a parent and learning how to properly complete and submit documentation is truly priceless–but only the first step. The confidence you get, knowing that you have an experienced team rallying before you to ensure those rights are respected provides the comfort you need to embark on this wonderful, exhilarating journey that is homeschooling.

A few of the most impactful sessions I have attended were the “Introduction to Homeschool” with Yvonne Bunn and the panel discussions held specifically for moms. The intro session gives great insight and specifics with up-to-date information each year on where homeschool children are ranking. The “mom” chat was especially helpful as I remember Durenda Wilson explaining the differences she experienced in raising and schooling her boys, in comparison to her girls. Being a boy mom, this really hit home for me!

That first year, I returned home with a newfound confidence in the task that God had given me in teaching our 3 boys at home. Not only did I receive statistical information that let our family know we were on the right path, but also felt a sense of belonging in a space that had previously felt lonely.

Be Confident in Your “Why.”

Feeling as though you are the only person doing something different in your sphere of friends and family can make you question your “why.” If that is you, you need to get to the HEAV convention. I promise you will come away with clarity on your “why”– and so much more!

As homeschoolers in 2024, you can simply enter “homeschool curriculum” in any search engine and be bombarded with content! Videos tell you why a particular curriculum is the best and why you should never touch another curriculum. And there are even videos that say you don’t need any curriculum at all! It can all be so confusing.

When you attend the HEAV Convention, you get access to one of the largest curriculum vendor sites in the country. You get a chance to put your hands on the materials and truly decide if this is something that will work for YOUR particular child, and not have to be at the mercy of someone else’s opinion. While a quick Google search can help narrow down choices, there’s nothing like flipping through the material yourself. You can even take note of what your kids gravitate toward.

Another perk of this vendor marketplace is that you can leave the convention with books in hand, many times at great discounts and definitely without shipping charges! Yay! More budget left over for fun school supplies and field trips!

So, why should anyone currently homeschooling, thinking about homeschooling, or just having a general curiosity about homeschooling attend the HEAV Convention? I can honestly say the connections made, the confidence provided, and, of course, the curriculum you get your hands on are just a few of the reasons to be there!

The knowledge acquired from the many sought-after speakers is truly the icing on the cake! There are so many reasons to come and be refreshed and ignited in your passion to disciple and educate your family at home. It’s great to be in an atmosphere where this feeling is almost tangible and exchanged from family to family. See you there!

Brandi Wade
Brandi Wade

Brandi Wade
Homeschool Mom
Former Public School Teacher
HEAV Content Writer

Brandi Wade is currently raising the next generation of Kingdom Warriors through homeschooling her three boys and serving alongside her husband who is a pastor of families. Once a public school teacher, she has moved on to freelance editing, writing, and some graphic design work. Brandi loves to warm hearts through her devotionals, warm bellies through her cooking and baking, and warm bodies with her crochet and knit creations.

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