It’s Moving Day: Animal Migration

You might have already noticed the flocks of birds moving through your hometown on their annual migration north. There are thousands of species of migratory animals on earth, from insects to fish to birds to mammals, but with over 350 migratory species in North America, birds are an easily observed example of animal migration. Spring is a great time to introduce an animal migration unit study into your homeschool. You can watch your backyard for returning birds as the weather gets warmer and days get longer. Check out this Homeschool Living for some fascinating facts about animal migration, book and resource suggestions, and learning activities.

Animal Migration & Mapping has a lot of information about many different kinds of animal migration. This is a great resource for older kids who are interested in going a bit more in depth into the how and why of animal migration behavior.

Ducksters shares some great kid-friendly material to incorporate into your animal migration unit study. You’ll find examples of animal migrations on land, through the water, and in the air.

The National Environmental Education Foundation (NEEF) shares this FREE downloadable animal migration activity guide, which includes a butterfly mapping activity, bird migration maps, a DIY bird feeder activity, and more.

This animated globe map shows migration patterns of animals all over the world, documented by data tracking of 150 species over the course of 10 years.

Karyn of Teach Beside Me shares this excellent activity for mapping animal migrations. Be inspired to create your own mapping activity, or purchase her printable download.

Our Virginia Home Educator Magazine has many more facts and resources about animals, their traits, habits, and living cycles. Check them all out!

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