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Dr. Amy Moore

Featured Speaker

Dr. Amy Moore is a cognitive psychologist and the director of research at LearningRx world headquarters in Colorado Springs. She specializes in cognitive training and assessment for ADHD and other neurodevelopmental disorders, brain injury, and learning disabilities. Her ground-breaking research has been published in peer-reviewed medical and psychology journals and presented at conferences around the country. Dr. Amy has a Ph.D. in psychology and a master’s degree in early childhood education.

Her background includes working as a child development specialist, education administrator, parent educator, and teacher of teachers. She’s been working with children and families for more than 25 years. She’s also a board-certified Christian counselor, a licensed pastor, the Editor-in-Chief of Modern Brain Journal, a TEDx speaker, and the the host of the podcast Brainy Moms.

Special Needs Workshops: 

Thursday 10-11 a.m.

Critical Connections: What Brain Science Teaches Us About Teaching a Child with Special Needs

Our children need strong relationships with us, a sense of competence, and an ability to manage their emotions. In this keynote talk, cognitive psychologist and child development specialist Dr. Amy Moore shares what brain science teaches us about parenting through a lens of connection, the art of co-regulation of big emotions, and how to build resilience to help our children succeed even when they struggle. With a little humor and a lot of practical tips and strategies, Dr. Amy delivers a message of hope for parents of children with special needs.

Thursday 4-5 p.m.

Hacking the ADHD Brain: The “Why” Behind Your Child’s Challenging Behavior & Learning Struggles

In this workshop, Dr. Moore will share tips for understanding and helping children with attention problems. She will reveal surprising facts about the ADHD brain—based on neuroscience research—that will help homeschooling parents better connect with and teach kids who struggle with ADHD. Dr. Moore will demonstrate how cognitive skills work together in thinking and learning, how weaknesses in these skills impact learning, how parents can help their kids manage the big emotions associated with ADHD, and how brain training is a promising approach to remediating the many challenges faced by kids with ADHD. Attendees will leave with a better understanding of the differences between ADHD and neurotypical brains, the cognitive deficits in ADHD, and actionable tips to use when teaching and parenting children who have ADHD or related attention problems.