district incident background

Amherst County, Virginia

What would you do in this scenario: You sent your NOI in by the legal deadline and received an acknowledgement from your district. Later, the district sends you a letter advising that you had not sent in your NOI, and you had three weeks to comply or you would be reported to a truancy officer. This was the shocking and frightening reality for several homeschool families in Amherst. These parents, however, knew who to call: HEAV. By verifying these parents’ compliance with the law and addressing the letter immediately with district representatives, we are pleased to share that no parent has reported being subjected to the truancy investigation noted in the district’s letter. In this case, it was essential that the parents had documentation proving compliance with the law. HEAV encourages parents to always (1) make a copy of what was sent to the superintendent and (2) retain proof of receipt.

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~ Patricia Beahr, Assistant Director of Government Affairs

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