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Albermarle County

Informed parents have reported concerns regarding an office request for personal information that is inconsistent with the law. If you receive such a request, you may, respectfully, decline. HEAV connected with Albemarle to share that district requirements for personal information beyond a child’s name, address, and age as of September 30 of the school year are inconsistent with the law as determined by the Virginia Supreme Court. Only the state legislature can add requirements to the law. (Reference: Sosebee v. Franklin County School Board) We are pleased to report that our correspondence was very well received by the Albemarle district: “I…love to refer parents to the HEAV team and website, so we really appreciate your support! We’ll continue to ensure this is an optional field…” HEAV thanks Albemarle for honoring the home educators in their district and for their diligence in ensuring their processes remain consistent with the homeschool law.

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~ Patricia Beahr, Assistant Director of Government Affairs

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