In 1983, our “operational headquarters” was a card table set up in the General Assembly building by a couple of homeschooling moms. Virginia homeschoolers responded enthusiastically to the idea of working together to lobby for a homeschool law in Virginia, and thus HEAV was born.


Over the years, the homeschooling movement has grown, and because of God’s grace and your continued support, generous contributions, and volunteer efforts, HEAV has grown along with it.


A major milestone was reached in March 1996 when HEAV was able—through the generous help of local support groups and donors—to move our “operations” into a real office. Previously, our “office” was located in living rooms, dens, and basements of dedicated home-educating parents. Today we have paid and volunteer staff who orchestrate the day-to-day administrative details and answer the many thousands of phone calls, mail and e-mail messages we receive each year.


Another milestone was reached in 1999 when we hired—again, through the incredibly generous support of homeschooling families and support groups—a full-time executive director. Our director oversees the numerous operations and events that are sponsored or conducted by HEAV, and has greatly contributed to the growth and development of the organization.


In 2003, after years of cramped quarters and shared desk spaces, we have moved into a larger and more convenient facility. No more moving boxes up and down stairs! Our new space includes a bookstore and a meeting room for workshops and seminars and has allowed us to serve you in new and creative ways.


From our humble beginnings on a card table in the General Assembly building, to our beautifully decorated and spacious office suite, HEAV has stayed committed to serving Virginia’s homeschooling families by providing timely information, excellent resources, and an unfailing presence in the legislative process. And while we have staff in several key positions, much of the work of HEAV is still being done by dedicated and enthusiastic families—like yours—who are willing to volunteer their time, talents, and resources to help other homeschool families succeed. Volunteers are the backbone of HEAV: we couldn’t do what we do without you.