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The first solar eclipse to traverse across the entire continent in 99 years will take place Monday, August 21, 2017. While Virginia will not see a total eclipse, most of the state will see at least an 80% partial eclipse. As homeschoolers, we can celebrate God’s creation and the study of our solar system. Here is a mere sampling of resources available on the internet to prepare you and your family for this astronomical event.

Solar Eclipse Viewing and Safety

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has produced materials for homeschool families to use in preparation for and during the solar eclipse. You will find family activities, lessons and activities, lessons to extend learning after the eclipse, suggested reading lists, and background resources for educators.

NASA also has searchable databases of eclipse events. These events will take place at libraries, zoos, and national parks and forests, among other places. You can use these databases to find an event to attend or watch online


This animation will show you what the eclipse will look like as it progresses.

1.3 What is the Solar System?

Preschoolers will enjoy these books on space, which could help them understand the basics of the solar eclipse.



1.4 The Science of an Eclipse


During the eclipse, stars that are present but usually not visible due to the brightness of our sun will be visible. This resource identifies which stars and where to locate them in the sky.

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