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Entrepreneurship and Homeschooling

...like freedom and adventure!

Flexible schedules and customized teaching set students up for dynamic, real-life learning that positions them for a lifetime of success. Whether their career path includes college or not, homeschool students gain from the flexibility, creativity, and independence fostered by the homeschool lifestyle. This may contribute to the high interest in entrepreneurship among graduates! The HEAV convention celebrates entrepreneurship, and we have put together a track that offers inspiration, direction, and practical tips for homeschool families–from children to adults!

Homeschoolers benefit from aspects of the homeschool lifestyle, including:

Homeschooled students have more control over their education and schedules, and parents can work to instill a sense of independence and self-direction that translates into creativity and entrepreneurship.

By taking a road less traveled, homeschooling parents can provide a more creative and flexible learning environment. An eclectic lot, they tend to think outside the box and develop innovative ideas–and pass that trait on to their children.

Self-motivation is one of the few prerequisites for homeschooling! For this reason, homeschool grades tend to take initiative, which is a valuable trait for an entrepreneur.

Lets face it: surviving on one income isn’t easy. Many homeschooling families develop sidelines to create streams of income–and when they do, they may involve their children in family businesses or encourage entrepreneurial activities from a young age.

Homeschooling can allow students to explore non-traditional career paths, and entrepreneurship may be an attractive option for those who want to create their own path and be their own boss.

5 Secrets for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Is entrepreneurialism just for a select few, or should young people pursue it? This workshop will teach you five powerful yet practical keys to entrepreneur development.

Session 4

Raising Kids to Understand and Pursue Their Calling

Few Millennials, even Christians, can successfully bridge the gap from the fantasy-driven teen years into real life. Daniel shares practical keys to helping your students understand their calling and engage in life for the glory of God!
Session 6

Gathering Entrepreneurial Opportunities

Many parents feel stuck in their employment routine but yearn for something more entrepreneurial and self-directed for their children. Salatin’s workshop provides life-changing tools.

Session 2

Gathering Life Lessons from Your Farmyard Backyard         

The allure of farm self-reliance pulls at the heart of many homeschoolers. Using principles refined over half a century of family farming,  Salatin’s inspiring roadmap to independence—no matter how much land you own.  

Session 1

Launch or Grow Your Business This Summer 

Optional Add-On

Do you want to start a business or grow something you’ve already started but aren’t sure what to do next? Learn how to attract your ideal clients, maximize your profits, market your business wisely, and see your idea become a reality!

Thursday, 2 p.m. to 5 p.m.

Kate Ponce, Ryan Collins, Nathanael Miller, Walt Jurek
Career Conversations

Not every career path begins with college! Join us for a discussion on apprenticeships, certifications, required training, and more. Get your questions answered.
Session 3

Design & Discovery: Career Assessment

Optional Add-On      

Together we’ll explore a few tools to find the colleges and careers that fit your God-given design so you can steward your time, treasure, and student’s life well.

Thursday 2 p.m.                  

Innovate to Educate: Disrupting Higher Education to Meet the Demand   

A recent Gallup poll showed only 11% of hiring executives believe higher education is sending ready-to-work graduates; 95% of university presidents believe the opposite. Students who bridge this stunning chasm will be this generation’s success stories.

Session 1

Young Entrepreneurs
HEAV encourages entrepreneurship at the 40th Annual Virginia Homeschool Convention in a unique and innovative way.
Twelve young adult entrepreneurs ages 10 to 21 will have booths in the Exhibit Hall, where they will display their wares, advertise their services, and boost their businesses.


Life Is Not a Case Study

How do we prepare students for a life of impact?
This track emphasizes real-world application as students actively participate in fun, hands-on projects and sessions designed to teach personal responsibility, relationships, leadership, collaboration, and teamwork!

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