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by admin

Homeschool Items – December 17, 2014

Posted on Dec 15 2014 in Homeschool Items by admin

1.1 Articles – Tips for Multi-Level Homeschooling   1.1 Tips for Multi-Level Homeschooling The Old Schoolhouse has two great articles titled “Ten Tips for Managing a Multi-Level Homeschool” and “Teaching Multiple Ages” The articles have practical ideas and could make wonderful resources for a support group meeting. Back to top Share/Bookmark

by admin

Let it Glow!

Posted on Dec 9 2014 in Hearts and Hands by admin

By Michelle Crooker What can you find at a dollar store and deep in the ocean? Today, we are going to explore the amazing world of glowing stuff. Start off by asking your kids the question “What is light?” This question can lead to a variety of answers, from “Light is the sun shining,” or […]

by Yvonne Bunn

Ordering License Plates

Posted on Dec 7 2014 in Homeschool Q&A by Yvonne Bunn

Q. How can I get an “Education Begins at Home” license plate? I’m so encouraged when I see them on cars! A. Since 2005 when HEAV initiated legislation in Virginia to create the first homeschool license plate in the nation—“Education Begins at Home,” anyone can order the plate from the DMV website. It’s a great […]

by admin

Cool Sites – December 10, 2014

Posted on Dec 7 2014 in Cool Sites by admin

3.1 Christian Resources: Bible Reading Plans 3.2 Thrifty Ideas: Consumer Protection: 3.3 Preschool and Kindergarten: What Should a Four-Year-Old Know? 3.4 STEM: Technology and Internet Safety – “Five Things You Should Never Post on Facebook” 3.5 Fine Arts: Van Gogh Gallery 3.6 Health: Set Up and View an iPhone Medical ID 3.7 Biblical Languages: […]

by admin

General Interest Items – December 10, 2014

Posted on Dec 7 2014 in General by admin

2.1 Masterworks: A Storyland Christmas – Virginia Beach – December 12 or 13 2.2 Save the Date: Reason for Hope Conference – Virginia Beach – February 11-12, 2015 2.3 Shakespeare and Christianity Essay Contest – Deadline Is March 1, 2015   2.1 Masterworks: A Storyland Christmas – Virginia Beach – December 12 or 13 Regent […]