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Virginia Homeschool Laws


Compulsory Attendance Laws in Virginia §22.1-254


Homeschool Statute  §22.1-254.1


Virginia Homeschool Law Flowchart

A flowchart comparing the different home education options in Virginia.


The Legal Who, What, When, and Where of Homeschooling in Virginia

How exactly do you comply with the law? What does the law say about homeschooling? Although the “legalese” can sound very complicated, don’t be intimidated–help is available!


Notice of Intent

Every year, homeschools operating under the Home School Statute are required to file a Notice of Intent with their local superintendent. Download a sample form and find your superintendent’s address. Revised effective July 1, 2008


Testing Your Students – A to Z Testing for Homeschoolers in Virginia

What tests are required for homeschoolers in Virginia? What are the benefits of testing? How should you prepare your child? Where can you order tests? And what about high-school tests—what’s the difference between the SAT, PSAT, and ACT? Find the answers to these and other questions in our testing section.


Comparison of Educational Options in Virginia

A chart comparing the different education options in Virginia.


Details Regarding Specific Virginia Home Education Laws


Virginia Homeschool High School Laws

Driver Education Information for Virginia Homeschoolers

Find step-by-step instructions, forms, and links specifically for homeschoolers.


Homeschoolers and GED Testing Regulations

Qualified homeschooled students have legal access to the General Educational Development (GED) high school equivalency test. Learn about the requirements, the battery, and the application process.


Work Permit FAQ

Before you send your homeschooled teen out of your home and into the workplace, it’s a good idea to be familiar with state and federal laws regulating their employment. This helpful FAQ will answer your questions and familiarize you with state and federal regulations.


Virginia Homeschool Vaccine/Immunization Laws

Jury Duty And Virginia Homeschoolers

Homeschooling parents who are summoned to jury duty may wonder if they should serve or ask for an exemption. HEAV believes jury duty is a privilege and responsibility; however, the law offers specific exemptions. The age of your children, available support to care for your children, or extenuating homeschool circumstances may create a hardship.


Virginia Homeschool Legislative News And Information

HEAV works hard to promote and protect homeschool interests in the Virginia General Assembly. Each year the General Assembly introduces as many as 3,000 bills; HEAV monitors the progress of dozens of those bills. We introduce legislation to advance homeschool freedoms, and watch for and respond to legislation that could affect homeschooling families. HEAV’s full-time lobbyist garners support from legislators on both sides of the aisle. Be sure to sign up for our Legislative Updates to stay current on changes that could impact you!



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Virginia Legislative Information for Homeschoolers

Find contact information for your legislators, and keep up with the latest legislative happenings in Richmond that could impact homeschoolers.


Virginia Home Education Law Resources

HEAV Legislative Updates

Free e-mail updates that will keep you current on the homeschooling law.


Virginia Homeschool Manual

A comprehensive guide to homeschooling in Virginia. Covers everything from preschool to high school and beyond.



Offers resources on the law as well as legal support and advice. Note: HEAV members receive a $20 discount on HSLDA memberships.


US Department of Education


Virginia Department of Education



Virginia Department of Education—SOLs

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