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Testing and the Law

What does the law say about testing? Who must be tested? What methods of assessment may be used? Do kindergartners have to be tested? Where can I get tests? Find the answers to these and many other questions in this informative FAQ. See our Law section for more information about the other education laws in Virginia.


Testing Q&A

View the questions and answers from “Homeschool Q&A,” the popular feature in HEAV’s weekly e-newsletter, the Virginia Homeschool Update.


Testing in Virginia – An Overview

Assessments can be a challenge for both students and parents. This overview offers answers to some common questions and links to further resources.


Testing Options for Homeschoolers in Virginia

The Virginia homeschool law allows several alternatives in the area of testing. The state law uses the word “assessment,” which permits a choice of the following options: privately-administered standardized achievement tests, independent evaluation, or portfolio.* Please see the links below for some more information on each of these options.


Tutors Who Work with Virginia Homeschoolers

Unsure how to purchase a test? We’ve put together a page listing companies offering tests for homeschoolers. We’ve also compiled a page of counselors, testers, and tutors who work with homeschoolers or have expressed an interest in working with them.


Benefits of Testing

Learn about the benefits of testing in this informative article by Trudy Abel, then draw your own conclusions about whether testing is right for your child.


Preparing to Assess Your Child and Interpreting the Results

Sharpen Your Child’s Testing Skills
Learn some simple tips to help your child do his best when testing.

Gearing Up for Assessments
Is there a parent anywhere that approaches assessment time without the slightest trepidation? This article by Janice Campbell will help homeschool parents put testing in a proper perspective and understand how to both prepare and interpret the results.

Test Preparation & Review
A website offering free online practice tests.

Interpretation of Results
Don’t let the testing lingo fool you! This article explains testing terms and offers suggestions if your child performs poorly.


High School Testing Resources

The links below are designed to help you navigate the maze of high school tests available. It doesn’t have to be overwhelming.

  • START HERE! Testing Options – Confused about the difference between the different testing options? Start with this article by Mary Shofield explaining (in plain English!) the SAT Reasoning Test, SAT Subject Tests, PSAT/NMSQT, ACT, GED, AP, and CLEP.
  • Registering for Tests – Find out when, where, and how to register for SAT/PSAT/ACT tests.
  • Free ACT/SAT Practice Tests
  • Free SAT Practice Questions and Study Tips
  • College Board Resources - College Board is “a not-for-profit membership association whose mission is to connect students to college success and opportunity.” They have a variety of homeschool-specific information on their site.

Homeschooled Students and the PSAT/NMSQT
Homeschooled Students and the SAT
Homeschooled Students and [College] Admissions


New Homeschool Webinar

Know the Law: Notifying and Testing Demystified
This webinar is designed specifically to answer your questions about the law and testing requirements.


Assessment Tests

Essential Learning Objectives Quick Assessment

Are you considering home education, but you’re not sure where to begin with curriculum? Or are you taking your child out of school because he’s struggling academically, and you don’t know what level curriculum to purchase? Perhaps your child is advanced in one subject, but you think he may be behind in another subject–how can you find out?

If you want to know where to start with the basic-skill subjects, Essential Learning Objectives Quick Assessment can give you the information you need to start homeschooling at your child’s level of success.


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