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by admin

Keeping Your “To Do” List

Posted on Dec 18 2014 in Homeschool Encouragement by admin

by Maiya Drennen   Daily responsibilities often pile up faster than I can remember them, so I like to write myself a list of things to do. I am definitely a list person, and always have been. However, along with daily responsibilities come daily disturbances—things that get in our way. I have a nasty habit […]

by admin

Being Honest with Your Children

Posted on Dec 16 2014 in Hearts and Hands by admin

by Kyndra Steinmann The other day I was talking to another homeschool mom about the difficulties her eldest child is having in learning to read. The child shows multiple signs of dyslexia, with a possible secondary issue with processing language, and we were brainstorming curricula and aids that might help her. In the course of […]

by admin

Getting Connected

Posted on Dec 15 2014 in Homeschool Q&A by admin

Q. I’m planning to homeschool in January. What is the best way to get my questions answered, connect with other homeschoolers, and find out about homeschool events?   A. Connecting with other homeschoolers is a great way to begin. Not only will you know what’s going on, but you’ll find encouragement along the way! I […]

by admin

Cool Sites – December 17, 2014

Posted on Dec 15 2014 in Cool Sites by admin

3.1 Christian Resources: Homeschool Fans of Joyce Herzog 3.2 Thrifty Ideas: Discounts for Seniors 3.3 Preschool and Kindergarten: Children’s Songs and Rhymes 3.4 STEM: Code Academy 3.5 Arts and Crafts: Fancy Paper Crafts 3.6 More Arts and Crafts: The Ribbon Retreat-YouTube Tutorials 3.7 History: Geography Games 3.8 SAT Prep: Khan Academy Offers Free SAT Prep […]

by admin

General Interest Items – December 17, 2014

Posted on Dec 15 2014 in General by admin

2.1 Creation Museum: Free Admission for Kids – Petersburg, KY – Visit or Buy Before December 31 2.2 Free Lifeguard Training – Virginia Beach   2.1 Creation Museum: Free Admission for Kids – Petersburg, KY – Visit Before December 31 Ken Ham’s Creation Museum is offering free general admission for children 12 and under through […]