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Virtual Schools

Virtual schools are developing in many states and homeschoolers are being recruited. HEAV will monitor the development of virtual schools and keep you informed through our quarterly magazine, weekly Updates, and website Update archives.



Articles on Virtual Schools


History of Homeschooling

See the end part in the video below for an explanation of the dangers virtual schools pose to homeschooling as we know it.




Legislative Action

2011 Session

HB 2311, sponsored by Richard P. Bell (R-Staunton), establishes “Virginia State Virtual School” as a policy agency in the executive branch of government. Its purpose is to govern the online educational programs and services offered to students enrolled in the Virginia State Virtual School. HEAV carefully watched this bill and its progress in order to protect the rights of homeschoolers. Stricken from the docket by House Education. FAILED


More Articles On Virtual Schools

We believe virtual charter schools pose a threat to our hard-won homeschool freedoms—and we are not alone. Read what others have to say—and send us your favorite links.

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