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HEAV Homeschool Song (To the tune of “Jingle Bells”)

HEAV HOMESCHOOL SONG (click to hear)

Written by Karla Robinson, music director at Young Musicians of Virginia

Sung by Soli Deo, a Young Musicians of Virginia homeschool choir

Working hard for you and me are the folks of HEAV


We have come – on this day – to sing you all a song

About the things – that have been done – to make homeschooling strong!

Homeschool’s friend – setting trends – since 1983

Working hard – for you and me – are the folks of H-E-A-V!




For college scholarships – we no longer have to wait

And drive around proudly – with a homeschool license plate!

Kids don’t have to start – kindergarten when they’re five

Parents can – teach their own – children how to drive!




As homeschoolers we don’t – have to take the SOLs

And we may choose our standardized – tests all by ourselves!

Curriculum is now a list – of what’s to be taught next year

And folks only need a high school degree – to homeschool around here!




With office space in Richmond – we’re working all year long

To help with transcripts, counsel – and answer all your calls!

The homeschool manual’s great – Update and magazine

And the annual convention to which all of you have been!


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