Q. How can I find out if my homeschool curriculum is aligned with the Common Core? Is there a list to which I can refer?

A. The Educational Freedom Coalition has attempted to contact every homeschool curriculum and resource provider to determine their alignment with the Common Core (CC). They have had an 88% response rate from the 1,300+ curriculum providers contacted.

TEFC states that they have made no value judgments about the companies on the master list. They have attempted to gather factual information so parents can make educational decisions for their children.

Their master list identifies curricula that has been “explicitly aligned” with the Common Core (CC), “incidentally aligned,” or only “coincidentally connected.” It also identifies curricula that are completely “independent” of the Common Core.

TEFC explains that a few companies have both a Common Core aligned version and a non-aligned version. They identify what they actually changed to align with the CC, such as adding optional pages to the original text. Since some curricula are partially aligned, parents have the opportunity to ignore specific pages if they choose. The site also indicates whether or not alignment was deliberate or coincidental.

You can find the master list here: http://www.hsroadmap.org/common-core-project/ 


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  1. Thanks so much, HEAV, for helping us to spread awareness of this website so that parents can make informed choices. 🙂

    We’ve had thousands of visitors to our website since March when it was launched.

    The founder, Tina Hollenbeck, has been working tirelessly to contact homeschooling companies to ask their position on the CCSS.

  2. Yes, thank you so much, HEAV, for sharing our site! It has been a blessing to compile this for my fellow homeschoolers and I really want everyone to know it’s available. Please spread the word!

    1. Yvonne Bunn says:

      Thank you for your work in compiling this valuable list for homeschoolers and other parents who are concerned about the worldview and educational content of curricula.

  3. Just realized that those reading this post might be interested in joining the FB group that was born out of this website.

    It is a group for those who wish to discuss not only the CCSS, but any relevant homeschooling topics.


    We’d love to have you join the almost 6,000 homeschoolers who are networking in this group. 🙂

  4. Susan says:

    I have used the lists at The Educational Freedom Coalition. They are super helpful to me as a home schooling Mom. I want to know what companies are supporting Common Core ideaologies so that I can avoid them and I use the lists to find out what companies to use.

  5. Jennifer Gallegos says:

    The Educational Freedom Coalition site and FB group have been invaluable to me as I navigate the murky waters of homeschooling apart from the Common Core! I am so thankful for all of Tina’s and Ellen’s hard work.
    The FB group is a wonderful, safe place to get information, share personal homeschooling challenges and just connect with like-minded people.

    Both, in my opinion, should be part of every homeschooling family’s toolbox.

    Jennifer Gallegos, Oregon

  6. Jennifer says:

    I used this site to choose our U.S. History curriculum for our 1st grader and we love it! It was so helpful to be able to weed out curricula that did not support the CCS in any way & there were still tons to choose from. These women have worked REALLY hard on the site and it SHOWS! I so appreciate what they have put together and encourage others to check it out.

  7. reta stelting says:

    Thanks HEAV for spreading the word about education freedom coalition . their website is wonderful!!!!

  8. wendy says:

    Thanks HEAV. I joined the facebook group after hearing so much about CCSS and then learned about the list and curriculum. It has been so helpful to me. It is always being updated.

  9. Meghan says:

    I am so happy to see HEAV and TEFC together- two groups that I adore!! I’ve been a part of the group for a few months now and it is incredibly helpful in MANY ways!