Keeping accurate and detailed records is vital during high school, especially if your child plans to attend college, or you choose to create your own diploma. There are many different ways to keep these records. To record daily activities, some parents find a Daytimer®-like calendar the easiest to use. They simply record the work accomplished each day, along with any other activities.

Four sample forms have been included with this section. The use of the Christian High School Record (1067) and the Quarter Credit Hour Report Form (2079) forms are explained below. The High School Planning Charts (1030)[PDF, requires Acrobat Reader 6.0] have instructions at the top of each form.


Quarter Credit Hour Report Form (2079)

1. List the title of the course in the “course name” space.

2. Identify which quarter is being completed (1st, 2nd, 3rd, or 4th).

3. The space labeled “period” is already numbered for you.

4. Next, record the date you worked on the subject for 45 minutes.

5. Under “activity,” briefly explain the work you accomplished.

6. If a grade was awarded for this work, record the grade in the right-hand column. (Not all periods of work will have a grade. Average the periods which are graded. You can also “average in” scores for participation, discussion, and consistency.)

7. When a student works on a subject a little longer than 45 minutes, you may wish to count the additional few minutes as homework time. However, if the student is diligently putting in 1.5 hours of work, you may count it as two periods. Repeat the same date beside two periods of work to show that two periods were completed in the same day.


Christian High School Record (1067)

1. Simply fill in the top portion of the form with the requested information. The grade point average refers to the cumulative average up to the date of this report. (See below for instructions on determining a grade point average.)

2. Average your two quarterly grades together to obtain the semester grade. For each grade level there are two spaces for scores—one for each semester.

3. In high school, there is not a year-end average. Courses are usually counted by a single semester. Each semester is equal to one half credit, or .5.

4. Fill in grades only where the student took a course in that subject that year. Some courses will therefore have scores every year, and others will be left blank.

5. The section entitled “Outside Credits” refers to courses taken from community colleges, or special programs not included on this transcript.

6. Be sure to sign the bottom of the transcript.


How to Compute Grade Point Average

For each semester grade of:

A – award four points,

B – award three points,

C – award two points,

D – award one point,

F – award no points.

Simply add up all of the scores and divide by the number of classes. This number will be the student’s grade point average. It is customary to extend the grade point average to two decimal places. (The addition of a plus or minus on the grades makes the grade point confusing and is not generally included in the grade point averaging.)

Note: These forms may be reproduced. The Christian High School Record Form has been graciously provided by Cathy Duffy of Home Run Enterprises, 16172 Huxley Circle, Westminster, California 92683; 1-714-841-1220.