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Gifted Education


Basic Info for Virginia Homeschoolers

What you should know to homeschool.


Gifted Education at Home–It Can Be Done!

An article about gifted education and links for additional information.


Gifted Resources

The HEAV store carries several resources to help you with your gifted child. Feel free to browse our “warehouse” now. You can still purchase items, but you may have to rummage a bit to find what you want. Our store is being remodeled and will open in the summer of 2012.


Learning Styles: Part 1

An article offering ideas for active learners.


Virginia Homeschool Manual

The Virginia Homeschool Manual has an entire section on gifted education with over fifteen articles covering the characteristics of giftedness, testing, curriculums, early college, and more.


What Kind of Curriculum Should You Use?

An excerpt from the Virginia Homeschool Manual.

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