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Wil & Meeke Addison

Featured Speakers

Wil and Meeke Addison co-host a national radio program, Airing the Addisons. Heard weekdays on the American Family Radio network, the program is also live-streamed online and available via podcast. The Addisons are conference speakers with a specific focus on culture and its impact on Christian families. In addition to their leadership duties within the American Family Association, they are raising six children for the glory of God. They disciple and educate their children at home around the kitchen table and on the sofa.

Wil and Meeke’s Workshops: 

Session 1

Culture-Proof: How to Grow the Resistance

In this presentation, Meeke explores the best way to grow Christian children who are able to resist the strong pull of the culture. Learn a new term: culture-proof. Learn how to do it, and what results you should expect when you do. The loss of generations of Christian kids should be enough to force the question, “How do we help them resist?”

Session 2

The Heart of the Homeschool

We’re all set. We’ve got the curriculum, the co-op, and the extra-curricular activities. The days shape up nicely… but what about Christ? Have we neglected the primary reason for homeschooling? In this presentation, Meeke and Wil encourage parents to check the heartbeat of their homeschool. The end of homeschooling isn’t homeschooling—or even education (gasp). Might we be missing this fact in the growing popularity of homeschooling and the busyness of community?

Session 3

Straight Talk RadioAFA Radio broadcast live!

Session 4

Cultural Heritage – Panel

Session 5

Dad Panel